Volume 78 (June 2014)

Heather Burke and Lynley A. Wallis. Editorial


Wesley, D., T. Jones and C. Reepmeyer 2014 Pigment geochemistry as chronological marker: The case of lead pigment in rock art in the Urrmarning ‘Red Lily Lagoon’ rock art precinct, western Arnhem LandAustralian Archaeology 78:1–9.

O’Connor, S., T. Maloney, D. Vannieuwenhuse, J. Balme and R. Wood 2014 Occupation at Carpenters Gap 3, Windjana Gorge, Kimberley, Western AustraliaAustralian Archaeology 78:10–23.

Hughes, P., W. Shawcross, M. Sullivan and N. Spooner 2014 The geoarchaeology of a Holocene site on the Woolshed Embankment, Lake George, New South WalesAustralian Archaeology 78:24–33.

Short Reports

Huntley, J., H. Brand. M. Aubert and M.J. Morwood 2014 The first Australian Synchrotron powder diffraction analysis of pigment from a Wandjina motif in the Kimberley, Western AustraliaAustralian Archaeology 78:34–38.

Rossi, A.M. 2014 Re-evaluating the antiquity of Aboriginal occupation at Mulka’s Cave, southwest AustraliaAustralian Archaeology 78:39–46.

Cochrane, G. 2014 Marcia hiantina shell matrix sites at Norman Creek, western Cape York PeninsulaAustralian Archaeology 78:47–52.

Themed Section

Frederick, U.K. and A. Clarke 2014 Signs of the times: An introduction to the archaeology of contemporary and historical graffiti in AustraliaAustralian Archaeology 78:54–57.

Fyfe, J. and L.M. Brady 2014 Leaving their mark: Contextualising the historical inscriptions and the European presence at Ngiangu (Booby Island), western Torres Strait, QueenslandAustralian Archaeology 78:58–68.

Lewis, D. 2014 The ‘Outback archive’: Unorthodox historical records in the Victoria River District, Northern TerritoryAustralian Archaeology 78:69–74.

Ralph, J. and C. Smith 2014 ‘We’ve got better things to do than worry about whitefella politics’: Contemporary Indigenous graffiti and recent government interventions in Jawoyn CountryAustralian Archaeology 78:75–83.

Crisp, A., A. Clarke and U.K. Frederick 2014 Battlefield or Gallery? A comparative analysis of contemporary mark-making practices in Sydney, AustraliaAustralian Archaeology 78:84–92.

Frederick, U.K. 2014 Shake Well Midden: An archaeology of contemporary graffiti productionAustralian Archaeology 78:93–99.

Agutter, R. 2014 Illicit autobiographies: 1980s graffiti, prisoner movement, recidivism and inmates’ personal lives at the Adelaide Gaol, South AustraliaAustralian Archaeology 78:100–107.

Casella, E.C. 2014 Enmeshed inscriptions: Reading the graffiti of Australia’s convict pastAustralian Archaeology 78:108–112.

Thesis Abstracts

Benoit, M. 2014 Thesis abstract ‘Reflections about the Research Potential of Australian Lithic Industries: A Technological Approach to the Kununurra Rockshelter Assemblage’Australian Archaeology 78:113.

Bryant, T.G. 2014 Thesis abstract ‘Reading Archaeological Landscapes – The Surface Aboriginal Record in Western NSW, Australia: Challenges for Cultural Heritage Management’Australian Archaeology 78:113–114.

Dircks, C. 2014 Thesis abstract ‘Authority, Acquisition and Adaptation: Nineteenth Century Artefacts of Personal Consumption from the Prisoner Barracks at Port Arthur’Australian Archaeology 78:114.

Dodd, E. 2014 Thesis abstract ‘Amphorae: The Plastic Bags of the Ancient Mediterranean. A Detailed Catalogue of Some Amphorae from the Macquarie University Museum of Ancient Cultures’Australian Archaeology 78:114–115.

Florin, S.A. 2014 Thesis abstract ‘Archaeobotanical Investigations into Plant Food Use at Madjedbebe (Malakunanja II)’Australian Archaeology 78:115.

Hays, C. 2014 Thesis abstract ‘Exchange of Items or Ideas: Current Implications of the Torres Strait Pottery’Australian Archaeology 78:116.

Heidrich, C. 2014 Thesis abstract ‘‘Figurine It Out’: Re-examining the Morphological Composition of Upper Palaeolithic ‘Venus’ Figurines through Time and Space via the Application of Cladistic Methods’Australian Archaeology 78:116.

Langley, M.C. 2014 Thesis abstract ‘Investigating Maintenance and Discard Patterns for Middle to Late Magdalenian Antler Projectile Points: Inter-Site and Inter-Regional Comparisons’Australian Archaeology 78:116.

Maiden, G. 2014 Thesis abstract ‘A Chance Missed? An Archaeological Interpretation of the Mining Operations of the Government Coal Mine at Plunkett Point, Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania’Australian Archaeology 78:117.

Moffat, I. 2014 Thesis abstract ‘Spatially Resolved Strontium Isotope Micro-Analysis of Lower and Middle Palaeolithic Fauna from Archaeological Sites in Israel and Southern France’Australian Archaeology 78:117–118.

Murszewski, A. 2014 Thesis abstract ‘A Geoarchaeological Approach to Understanding the Formation History of the ‘Murchison Cement/s’ in Ballinu Springs, including their Associated Artefact and Megafaunal Records’Australian Archaeology 78:118.

Nagel, T. 2014 Thesis abstract ‘Understanding the Tests of Time: Using Foraminifera to Refine Knowledge of Archaeological Site Formation Processes’Australian Archaeology 78:118.

Oertle, A. 2014 Thesis abstract ‘Connections across the Sea: Characterising Macassan Activities in the South Wellesley Islands, Gulf of Carpentaria’Australian Archaeology 78:119.

Welsh, L. 2014 Thesis abstract ‘Gender and Rock Art: A Content Analysis of Gender as an Interpretive Framework in South Africa, the USA and Australia’Australian Archaeology 78:119.

Winter, S. 2014 Thesis abstract ‘Global, Regional and Local Networks: Archaeological Investigation of the Western Australian Penal Colony 1850–1875’Australian Archaeology 78:119–120.

Woo, K. 2014 Thesis abstract ‘The Effects of Sampling on Midden Analysis: A Quantitative Approach’Australian Archaeology 78:120.

Zadow, G. 2014 Thesis abstract ‘The Palaeodemographic Context of the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic Transition in Europe and the Extinction of Homo neanderthalensis’Australian Archaeology 78:121.

Zarandona, J.A.G. 2014 Thesis abstract ‘Rethinking Heritage: Landscape Iconoclasm in the Burrup Peninsula, Western Australia’Australian Archaeology 78:121.


Book Reviews

Ritchie, N. 2014 Review of ‘Archaeology of the Chinese Fishing Industry in Colonial Victoria’ by Alister M BowenAustralian Archaeology 78:123–124.

Spriggs, M. 2014 Review of ‘Mystery Islands: Discovering the Ancient Pacific’ by Tom KoppelAustralian Archaeology 78:124–125.

Litster, M. 2014 Review of ‘Prehistoric Marine Resource Use in the Indo-Pacific Regions’ edited by Rintaro Ono, Alex Morrison and David AddisonAustralian Archaeology 78:125–126.

Bowdler, S. 2014 Review of ‘Late Holocene Indigenous Economies of the Tropical Australian Coast: An Archaeological Study of the Darwin Region’ by Patricia M. BourkeAustralian Archaeology 78:126–128.

St George, C. 2014 Review of ‘Secrets at Hanging Rock’ by Alan WatchmanAustralian Archaeology 78:128.

Wright, D. 2014 Review of ‘Dirty Diggers: Tales from the Archaeological Trenches’ by Paul BahnAustralian Archaeology 78:129.

Martin-Stone, K. 2014 Review of ‘Documentary Filmmaking for Archaeologists’ by Peter Pepe and Joseph W. ZarzynskiAustralian Archaeology 78:130.

Hope, J. 2014 Review of ‘The Dendroglyphs or ‘Carved Trees’ of New South Wales’ by Robert EtheridgeAustralian Archaeology 78:131–132.

Wallis, L.A. 2014 Review of ‘Consultation and Cultural Heritage: Let us Reason Together’ by Claudia Nissley and Thomas F. KingAustralian Archaeology 78:132–134.


Carter, S. 2014 Obituary: Emmett ConnollyAustralian Archaeology 78:135.

Winter, S. 2014 Obituary: Gaye NaytonAustralian Archaeology 78:136–137.