Volume 65 (December 2007)

Ulm, S. and A. Ross. Editorial


Franklin, N.R. and P.J. Habgood 2007 Modern human behaviour and Pleistocene Sahul in review. Australian Archaeology 65:1–16.

Brady, L.M. and Kaiwalagal Aboriginal Corporation 2007 A middle ground? Recent archaeological investigations from the Kaurareg archipelago, southwestern Torres Strait, Queensland. Australian Archaeology 65:17–29.

Colley, S. 2007 Public benefits of archaeology in Australia: Results from a pilot study. Australian Archaeology 65:30–36.

Nelson, R.C. 2007 The Lapstone Creek Rockshelter: The story continued. Australian Archaeology 65:37–43.

Stanger, R. and D. Roe 2007 Geophysical surveys at the West End Cemetery, Townsville, Queensland. Australian Archaeology 65:44–50.

Short Reports

Book Reviews

Brooks, A. 2007 Review of ‘Historical Archaeology: Why the Past Matters’ by Barbara J. Little. Australian Archaeology 65:55–56.

Craib, J. 2007 Review of ‘Doing Archaeology: A Cultural Resource Management Perspective’ by Thomas F. King. Australian Archaeology 65:56.

David, B. 2007 Review of ‘A Companion to Archaeology’ edited by John Bintliff. Australian Archaeology 65:56–58.

Lennon, J. 2007 Review of ‘Uses of Heritage’ by Laurajane Smith. Australian Archaeology 65:58–60.

Macfarlane, I. 2007 Review of ‘The Meaning of Water’ by Veronica Strang. Australian Archaeology 65:60–61.

McDonald, J. 2007 Review of ‘Peopling the Cleland Hills’ by Mike Smith. Australian Archaeology 65:61.

Prangnell, J. 2007 Review of ‘Historical Archaeology’ edited by Martin Hall and Stephen W. Sillman. Australian Archaeology 65:62.

Slack, M. 2007 Review of ‘North American Archaeology’ edited by Timothy Pauketat and Diana Lauren. Australian Archaeology 65:62–63.

Sullivan, S. 2007 Review of ‘High Lean Country: Land, People and Memory in New England’ edited by Alan Atkinson, J.S. Ryan, Iain Davidson and Andrew Piper. Australian Archaeology 65:63–64.

Strang, V. 2007 Review of ‘How a Continent Created a Nation’ by Libby Robin. Australian Archaeology 65:64–65.

Walmsley, A. 2007 Review of ‘Islamic Art and Archaeology of Palestine’ by Myriam Rosen-Ayalon. Australian Archaeology 65:65–67.

White, J.P 2007 Review of ‘The Original Australians: Story of the Aboriginal People’ by Josephine Flood. Australian Archaeology 65:67.

Thesis Abstracts

Dyason, F. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘Identification and Dental Cementum Analysis of Macropodoidea and Potoroidae Teeth from the ‘Silver Dollar’ Archaeological Site, Shark Bay, Western Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 65:68.

Ford, J. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘Painting Contact: Characterising the Paints of the South Woronora Plateau Rock Art Assemblage, Wollongong, New South Wales‘. Australian Archaeology 65:68.

Grguric, N.K. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘Fortified Homesteads: The Architecture of Fear in Frontier South Australia and the Northern Territory, ca 1847–1885‘. Australian Archaeology 65:68–69.

Jenkins, R.A. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘From Midden to Sieve: The Impact of Differential Recovery and Quantification Techniques on Interpretations of Shellfish Remains in Australian Coastal Archaeology‘. Australian Archaeology 65:69.

Kirby, C.L. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘Shared Histories – Shared Landscapes: An Exploration into the Continued Manufacture and Trade of Kimberley Points at Marralam Boab‘. Australian Archaeology 65:69.

Langley, M.C. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘All in Good Time: Exploring Change in Neanderthal Behavioural Complexity‘. Australian Archaeology 65:69–70.

Liebelt, B. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘Specimens and Stone Tools: Aboriginalism and Depictions of Indigenous Australians in Archaeological Textbooks‘. Australian Archaeology 65:70.

Litster, M. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘The Potential Contribution of Archaeology to Australian Frontier Conflict Studies‘. Australian Archaeology 65:70.

McHarg, K. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘Function and Identity in the Archaeological Record: A Functional Analysis of Cossack Fringe Sites. Australian Archaeology 65:70–71.

Muller, S. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘Colonial Experiences of Death and Burial: The Landscape Archaeology of West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide. Australian Archaeology 65:71.

O’Neill, D. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘Between the Rivers and the Sea: Locating the Head of the Persian Gulf in the Lower Southern Mesopotamian Alluvial Plain, c.3000-139 BCE‘. Australian Archaeology 65:71.

Rae, E. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘Uncovering Mill Point: Understanding Concepts of Space at Australian Historic Sawmills‘. Australian Archaeology 65:71–72.

Spitzer, A. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘Lithic Economies and Self-Sufficiency: Stone Tool Production and Consumption in a Late Prehistoric Community of Moloka’i, Hawaii‘. Australian Archaeology 65:72.

Stuart, E. 2007 Thesis abstract ‘A Problem of Settlement: Cultural Landscape Change on the Willunga Plains, South Australia, from 1840‘. Australian Archaeology 65:72.



White, J.P 2007 Homo erectus in Australia. Australian Archaeology 65:75.