Volume 55 (December 2002)



Pate, D., R. Brodie and T.D. Owen 2002 Determination of geographic origin of unprovenanced Aboriginal skeletal remains in South Australia employing stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis. Australian Archaeology 55:1–7.

Dortch, C.E. 2002 Evaluating the relative and absolute ages of submerged Aboriginal sites at Lake Jasper in Western Australia’s lower south-west. Australian Archaeology 55:8–17.

O’Connor, S., M. Spriggs and P. Veth 2002 Direct dating of shell beads from Lene Hara Cave, East Timor. Australian Archaeology 55:18–21.

Tibbett, K. 2002 Archaeological analysis of stone axe exchange networks in the Lake Eyre Basin during the mid- to late Holocene. Australian Archaeology 55:22–29.

Short Reports

Fredericksen, C. and I. Walters 2002 Archaeology from the frontier: The past, present and future of research at Northern Territory University. Australian Archaeology 55:30–34.

Wallis, L.A. 2002 AMS dates and palaeoenvironmental data from mud wasp and bird nests at Carpenter’s Gap 1, northern Australia. Australian Archaeology 55:35–39.

Book Reviews

Chippindale, C. 2002 Review of ‘Australian Rainforests: Islands of Green in a Land of Fire, by David Bowman. Australian Archaeology 55:49–50.

Marwick, B. 2002 Review of ‘A Dictionary of Archaeology’ edited by Ian Shaw and Robert Jameson. Australian Archaeology 55:50.

Rainbird, P. 2002 Review of ‘The Fourth Lapita Conference, June 2000, Canberra, Australia’ edited by G.R. Clark, A.J. Anderson and T. Vunidilo. Australian Archaeology 55:51.

Smith, A. 2002 Review of ‘Conservation of East Structures’ by John Warren. Australian Archaeology 55:51–53.

Smith, P.A. 2002 Review of ‘Gwion Gwion: Secret and Sacred Pathways of the Ngarinyin Aboriginal People of Australia’ by Ngarjno, Ungudman, Banggal and Nyawarra, edited by Jeff Doring. Australian Archaeology 55:53–54.

Sweet, J. 2002 Review of ‘Lacquer: Technology and Conservation. A Comprehensive Gudie to the Technology and Conservation of Asian and European Lacquer’ by Marianne Webb. Australian Archaeology 55:54–55.

Tacon, P. 2002 Review of ‘Rock Art Science: The Scientific Study of Palaeoart’ by Robert Bednarik. Australian Archaeology 55:55–56.

Veth, P. 2002 Review of ‘Nhanda Villages of the Victoria District, Western Australia’ by Rupert Gerritsen. Australian Archaeology 55:57–58.

Thesis Abstracts

Crowther, A. 2002 Thesis abstract ‘Pots, Plants and Pacific Prehistory: Residue Analysis of Plain Lapita Pottery from Anir, New Ireland, ca 3300 BP’Australian Archaeology 55:47.

Davies, N. 2002 Thesis abstract ‘Time, Symbolism and Archaeology in the Tain Bo Cuailnge’Australian Archaeology 55:45.

Dortch, C.E. 2002 Thesis abstract ‘Past Aboriginal Hunter-Gatherer Economy and Territorial Organisation in Coastal Districts of Western Australia’s Lower SouthWest’. Australian Archaeology 55:43–44.

Haslam, M. 2002 Thesis abstract ‘What a Dump: Use-Wear and Residue Analysis of Lithic Artefacts from Copan, Honduras’Australian Archaeology 55:46.

Holden, A.D. 2002 Thesis abstract ‘A Technological Analysis of the Lithic Assemblage from Hays Cave, Southeastern Cape York Peninsula: Considering Diachronic Variations in Patterns of Intensity of Site Use’Australian Archaeology 55:46.

Kearney, A.J. 2002 Thesis abstract ‘Bushrangers Cave: An Archaeofaunal Analysis and Palaeoenvironmental Study’Australian Archaeology 55:45–46.

Leo, D. 2002 Thesis abstract ‘Heritage Archaeology in Australia: Analysing the Entangled Cultural Constructions of Aboriginal Heritage by Aboriginal People, Antiquarians and Archaeologists. Australian Archaeology 55:46–47.

McBride, S. 2002 Thesis abstract ‘Australian Aboriginal Resource Selection: Reasons and Implications’. Australian Archaeology 55:47.

McKeough, A. 2002 Thesis abstract ‘Ring-a-Ring-a-Rosy: Can DNA Analaysis Identify the Presence of the Plague Bacillus in Archaeological Remains?’ Australian Archaeology 55:48.

Nugent, S. 2002 Thesis abstract ‘An Application of Use-Wear and Residue Analyses to Wooden Digging Sticks’Australian Archaeology 55:48.

Prangnell, J. 2002 Thesis abstract ”Intended Solely for their Greater Comfort and Happiness’: Historical Archaeology, Paternalism and the Peel Island Lazaret’Australian Archaeology 55:44.

Smith, J.R. 2002 Thesis abstract ‘Database Design, Archaeological Classification and Geographic Information Systems: A Case Study from Southeast Queensland’Australian Archaeology 55:44–45.