Volume 54 (June 2002)


Turney, C.S.M. and M.I. Bird 2002 Determining the timing and pattern of human colonisation in Australia: Proposals for radiocarbon dating ‘early’ sequences. Australian Archaeology 54:1–5.

O’Halloran, C. and D.H.R. Spennemann 2002 Wave action impact on archaeological sites in a freshwater reservoir: The case of Lake Hume, New South Wales. Australian Archaeology 54:6–12.

Shiner, J. 2002 Analysis of stone artefact assemblages from a recent survey of the Howqua River, Victoria. Australian Archaeology 54:13–21.

Staib, R. 2002 Archaeological assessment in the Rouse Hill urban release area. Australian Archaeology 54:22–28.

Cosgrove, R. and E. Raymont 2002 Jiyer Cave revisited: Preliminary results from northeast Queensland rainforest. Australian Archaeology 54:29–36.

Dortch, C.E. 2002 Preliminary underwater survey for rock engravings and other sea floor sites in the Dampier Archipelago, Pilbara region, Western Australia. Australian Archaeology 54:37–42.

Bednarik, R.G. 2002 About rock markings and rock art: A response to Rosenfeld. Australian Archaeology 54:43–45.

O’Connor, S. 2002 Pleistocene Timor: Further corrections, A reply to Bednarik. Australian Archaeology 54:46–51.

Short Reports

Pate, D., M.C. McDowell, R.T. Wells and A.M. Smith 2002 Last recorded evidence for megafauna at Wet Cave, Naracoorte, South Australia 45,000 years ago. Australian Archaeology 54:53–55.

Leavesley, M.G., M.I. Bird, L.K. Fifield, P.A. Hausladen, G.M. Santos and M.L. di Tada 2002 Buang Merabek: Early evidence for human occupation in the Bismarck Archipelago, Papua New Guinea. Australian Archaeology 54:55–57.

Owen, T.D. 2002 Bone sampling for isotope analysis. Australian Archaeology 54:57–58.

Book Reviews

McDonald, J. 2002 Review of ‘The Archaeology of Difference: Negotiating Cross-Cultural Engagements in Oceania’ edited by Robin Terrence and Anne Clark. Australian Archaeology 54:65–66.

Chippindale, C. 2002 Review of ‘Altered States: Material Cultural Transformations in the Arafura Region’ edited by Clayton Fredericksen and Ian Walters. Australian Archaeology 54:66–67.

Smith, M. 2002 Review of ‘Faunal Extinction in an Island Society: Pygmy Hippopotamus Hunters of Cyprus’ by Alan H. Simmons and Associates.  Australian Archaeology 54:67–68.

Owen, T. 2002 Review of ‘Environmental Archaeology: Principals and Practice, by Dena Dincauze.  Australian Archaeology 54:68–69.

Paterson, A. 2002 Review of ‘Native Title and the Transformation of Archaeology in the Postcolonial World’ edited by Ian Lilley. Australian Archaeology 54:69.

Thesis Abstracts

Carver, G. 2002 Thesis abstract ‘An Examination of Indigenous Australian Culturally Modified Trees in South Australia‘. Australian Archaeology 54:63.

Gorman, A. 2002 Thesis abstract ‘The Archaeology of Body Modification: Identifying Symbolic Behaviour through Usewear and Residues on Flaked Stone Tools‘. Australian Archaeology 54:64.

Matic, A. 2002 Thesis abstract ‘‘Shop, 3 Rooms and Sheds’: The History and Archaeology of 8 to 12 Divett Street, Port Adelaide‘. Australian Archaeology 54:64.

McCardle, P. 2002 Thesis abstract ‘The Aboriginal Bark Mortuary Practice of the Central Queensland Highlands‘. Australian Archaeology 54:63.


Roger Bird