Volume 52 (June 2001)


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Short Reports

Corkhill, T. 2001 Rockshelter taphonomy: A monitor program in Darling Mills Creek, Sydney. Australian Archaeology 52:46–47.

Di Fazio, B. and A. Roberts 2001 Stone artefacts from the Beltana region, South Australia. Australian Archaeology 52:47–49.

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Carter, M. 2001 New evidence for the earliest human occupation in Torres Strait, northeastern Australia. Australian Archaeology 52:50–52.

Professorial Inaugural Address


Pate, F.D. and A.L. Crawford 2001 Obituary: Graeme Pretty (1940–2000). Australian Archaeology 52:60–63.

Thesis Abstracts

Atchison, J. 2001 Thesis abstract ‘ Continuity and Change: A Late Holocene and Post-Contact History of Aboriginal Environmental Interaction and Vegetation Process from the Keep River Region, Northern Territory’. Australian Archaeology 52:64.

Morrison, M. 2001 Thesis abstract ‘Sea Change? Marxism, Ecological Theory and the Weipa Shell Mounds’. Australian Archaeology 52:64–65.

Smith, B. 2001 Thesis abstract ‘Mobile Traders or Impoverished Harvesters: A Re-Evaluation Earthenwares from ‘Macassan’ Trepanging Sites in Northern Australia’. Australian Archaeology 52:65.

Smith, P.A. 2001 Thesis abstract ‘Station Camps: The Ethnoarchaeology of Cultural Change in the Post-Contact Period in the Southeast Kimberley Region of Western Australia’. Australian Archaeology 52:65–66.

Tibbett, K. 2001 Thesis abstract ‘Stone Axe Trade and Exchange on an Inland Sea: An Archaeological and Petrological Analysis of Stone Axe Exchange Networks in the Lake Eyre Basin’. Australian Archaeology 52:66.

Book Reviews