Call for Papers: Rock art symposium, 11th October 2019, University of Melbourne

The aim of this one-day symposium in Melbourne is to have a robust discussion about the social and political dimensions of rock art in Australia. The symposium seeks to analyze the mechanisms under which rock art operates in Australia beyond archaeological engagement. The overall aim is to review and highlight what is and what is not working in rock art preservation in Australia. 

The symposium will be held following a three-day workshop in Gariwerd (the Grampians). The three-day workshop is facilitated by Parks Victoria, Barengi Gadjin Land Council Aboriginal Corporation and Nulungu Research Institute (the University of Notre Dame Australia), where Indigenous rangers and Traditional Owners from around the nation will have the opportunity to discuss experiences, knowledge, ideas, challenges, successes, memories and traumas regarding rock art conservation and management. Their ability to join in with this workshop will provide fresh insights into future strategies.

We seek papers that present a methodological intervention into reductionist conservation histories by developing a more diverse vocabulary and directions for future research in and on this field. Please send abstracts of 200-300 words and queries to Antonio González ( Deadline is 20th May 2019.

Please see attached document for further details Call_for_Papers_Rock_Art_Symposium_Oct_19