To the UWA Student Guild

The discipline of archaeology at UWA, Eureka Archaeological Research and Consulting, and the Centre for Rock Art Research and Management want to express our concern about statements made about Australian Aboriginal people and their cultural beliefs in the PROSH newspaper, which was freely distributed on April 17 by the UWA Student Guild.

Although meant as satire, statements like those contained in the PROSH publication on page 20 (Dream Time Horoscopes) are not acceptable in any context and they are especially unacceptable coming from an organisation affiliated with the University of Western Australia. As part of the University we want to specifically distance ourselves from these statements, which we regard as disrespectful and offensive. In our work we regularly engage with Indigenous communities and we are committed to principles of cultural respect, mutual understanding and ethical best practice.

We want to stress that we have no association with the authors or editors of the above-mentioned publication and will continue to oppose tendencies that we regard as reflecting a latent racism and are counterproductive to any reconciliation efforts in Australia.

Ass/Prof Martin Porr
Ass/Prof Joe Dortch
W/Prof Jo McDonald
W/Prof Peter Veth