The Australian Archaeological Association (AAA) is a not for profit association of professional archaeologists and those who share an interest in archaeology. AAA’s core aims are to promote the advancement of archaeology, provide an organisation for the discussion and dissemination of archaeological information and ideas and to publicise the need for the study and conservation of archaeological sites and collections. AAA members work around the world with Indigenous peoples, communities of descent and contemporary custodians on historic sites, nautical and terrestrial and extra-terrestrial sites and with a wide range of physical, biological and social scientists.

Each year the AAA convenes a national conference at which recent archaeological research is presented, and for over 30 years these conferences have been hosted by university departments. In 2016, the annual AAA conference is for the first being hosted by an Indigenous organisation, the Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC). The conference is being held in Terrigal NSW in December and will consist of three full days of papers, presentations, meetings and social events.

The Darkinjung LALC is located on the Central Coast of New South Wales its boundaries stretch from Catherine Hill Bay to the North, Hawkesbury River to the South, Pacific Ocean to the East and Watagan Mountains to the West. Since its creation Darkinjung LALC has constantly focused on improving the health and wellbeing of the community. The Council achieves this objective by implementing policies and procedures through the operational functions of an Aboriginal Land Council, and in accordance with the NSW ALR Act. The core operational functions of the Darkinjung LALC are Community Participation and Wellbeing, Culture, Heritage and Environment, Governance and Operations, and Business and Economic Development.

The event is a historic moment for AAA and symbolises the growing partnerships and collaboration between Traditional Owners and archaeologists in both research and heritage management. The conference will celebrate collaborative research outputs and showcase the release of some outstanding research results, including new dates for sites in Western Australia and advances in geoarchaeological technology. Many of the papers have been authored by Traditional Owners and archaeologists and will be delivered by Indigenous representatives as the senior authors of the research.

The conference will also celebrate Darkinjung culture and knowledge. The proceedings will be opened with a very special welcome to country incorporating Darkinjung performers and smoking ceremony. AAA is extremely proud to be part of this important event and we invite anyone interested in Australian archaeology to attend.

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