Pecked ‘cup and ring marks’ from the New South Wales south coast—art or implements?

31st December 2013

Phillip Boot


Cobble sized rocks bearing pecked circle motifs similar to British Neolithic cup-and-ring marks (e.g. Bahn 1992:122; Walker 1977:452–69) have been found at four sites on the NSW south coast. Pecked circles at Kangaroo Valley and Hidden Valley rockshelter sites near Nowra have been described only briefly and no details other than their locations within the sites are available (Kelvin Officer pers. comm. 1993). Those at two other sites, a sandstone rockshelter, Gnatalia Creek 3 (GC 3) near Wandandian, south of Nowra, and an open artefact scatter, Spring Place 2 (SP 2) at Bingi near Moruya have been recorded in detail (Boot 1993:59, 1994:334, 1995:2–3, 1997:182; Officer 1987). The largest population of ‘cup and ring marks’ is at GC 3, where nine cobbles bearing 38 ‘cup and ring marks’ have been recorded. Only one cobble, bearing two ‘cup and ring marks’ has been found at SP 2.

*Note that an abstract was not included with this paper, and so the introductory paragraph has been included here instead of the abstract.

Boot, P.
Pecked 'cup and ring marks' from the New South Wales south coast—art or implements?
June 1999
Short Report
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