Confessions of a wild colonial boy

22nd November 2013

Rhys Jones in conversation with Vincent Megaw


Editorial note

The following is based on a transcript of an interview which took place on 13 October 1999 at Flinders University, Adelaide. The interview formed one of a series of public lectures marking the inauguration of the Department of Archaeology at Flinders. For technical reasons it has only been possibly to reproduce a selection of the 50 or so images which acted as visual cures to what was otherwise an extempore happening. A minimum of changes have been made in the process of translating the spoken to the written word; equally, only a very few bibliographic references have been added/ While the text as a whole has been transcribed and edited by Amy Roberts assisted by Vincent Megaw, Betty Meehan’s resourceful picture research is also gratefully acknowledged.

VM: Where to start? Well, in a logical sort of way I suppose one starts at the beginning. Rhys Maengwyn Jones, the Welsh-speaking boyo, this is your life. Tell us something about where you were born, and, if you’re not shy, when? (Figure 1)

RJ: To answer your question briefly, I was born in Bangor District Hospital in north Wales on Ash Wednesday, 26 February 1941; I was delivered by Dr OV Jones, known affectionately as ‘Ovary Jones’. SO I am 58 now. I came from a Welsh-speaking family, and we might discuss that later.

*Note that an abstract was not included with this paper, and so the introductory paragraph has been included here instead of the abstract.

Jones, R. and V. Megaw
Confessions of a wild colonial boy
June 2000
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