An Investigation of Lithic Utilisation in the ‘Dry Country’ Region of Far Northeast Queensland

21st April 2013

Alistair Carr

BA(Hons), Department of Archaeology, La Trobe University, June 2012

This thesis has aimed to gain an understanding of lithic utilisation in the ‘dry country’ region of far northeast Queensland. It has sought to investigate a previously unexplored area for archaeological purposes, and draw a range of conclusions regarding relationships between Indigenous inhabitants from the mid- to late Holocene with available stone resources. A range of sites within the study area are investigated to determine lithic utilisation practises, including two rockshelters and their associated raw material sources. A thorough investigation of each rockshelter assemblage and surveyed artefacts at associated raw material sources is provided to allow site specific analysis, as well as a greater understanding of potential site interconnectedness. This research is conducted through the application of theoretical and methodological frameworks that enable the interpretation of human behaviour as it is connected to the investigated lithic material. Specifically, ethnoarchaeological approaches are combined with statistical investigations that identify ‘source to discard’ behavioural relationships. Primarily, the aim of this thesis has been to gain an initial understanding of lithic utilisation in a new study area. However, insight has also been achieved for comparative purposes with the previously investigated neighbouring rainforest region. This research has also enabled the study area to be placed in an Australia-wide framework where the behaviours associated with the Australian small tool tradition, changes in site use intensity and perceived population increases during the late Holocene can be examined in a new context.

Alistair Carr
An investigation of lithic utilisation in the ‘Dry Country’ region of far northeast Queensland
June 2013
Thesis Abstracts
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