Who Do You Think You Are? An Overview of Australian Archaeology Students

04th December 2013

Martinez and Roberts 2013Students involved in archaeological research in Australian universities come from a wide variety of research backgrounds, courses and university departments. As acting AAA student representatives we decided it was important to gain an insight into the profile of these students: what academic pathways have they chosen, how are they following them, how do they rate these pathways, and what are their goals? An online survey was sent out to students involved in archaeology, and an analysis was carried out of the AAA student members’ social media sites to gather information about students’ goals, interests, and opinions about studying archaeology in Australia. This poster presents the results of the survey and social media analysis, with the aim of providing a general overview of students in archaeology in Australian universities.

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Clayton Martinez, L. and G. Roberts 2013 Who Do You Think You Are? An Overview of Australian Archaeology Students. Poster presented at the AAA Annual Conference, 2-4 December, Coffs Harbour.

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