Managing the Ewamian Cultural Landscape of Talaroo Station

23rd November 2014

Brickey, JeanThis poster documents cultural site recording on Talaroo Station, Georgetown, by Ewamian Cultural Heritage Officers, Ewamian Rangers and an archaeologist. Talaroo is an IL C property, purchased on behalf of Ewamian people because of highly significant story places and sites. The property is bound by Einasleigh River, which was the main ‘highway’ for Ewamian people who camped, fished and travelled on the river banks. The river features cultural sites including story places, fishing holes and grinding grooves. Ewamian people today continue to have a special association with the river through fishing, camping and other cultural activities. Twenty three sugarbag trees have been identified and recorded on Talaroo. Sugarbag scars, made by cutting into the heartwood of a tree with a stone axe to get to honey and wax of native bees, have been recorded on twenty three Cooktown ironwoods. This poster documents the activities of Cultural Heritage officers and rangers in documenting these significant sites.

Citation for this poster:

Buhrich, A., J. Brickey, S. Wargent and M. Wargent 2014 Managing the Ewamian Cultural Landscape of Talaroo Station. Poster presented at AAA/ASHA Annual Conference, 1-3 December 2014, Cairns.

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