Compliance Archaeology as an Educational Medium

23rd November 2014

Compliance archaeology is driven by legislation such as the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 in Western Australia, and is undertaken for the purpose of significance and impact assessment. In this poster, we ask the question ‘Can compliance archaeology also be successfully used as an educational medium to promote cultural heritage?’. The involvement of professionals from a diverse range of industry backgrounds in the excavation of an open site alongside heritage professionals and Traditional Owners was used as a test case study. We were able to demonstrate that it is possible to use compliance archaeology to create positive experiences for employees by building on previous knowledge from industry cultural awareness programmes, thereby furthering positive cultural awareness in industry employees. The circle of influence of this project, although difficult to measure, additionally emphasises the lasting impacts and influences attitudes towards cultural heritage that can be had from compliance driven archaeology.

Citation for this poster:

Brusch, B. and R. Bulloch 2014 Compliance Archaeology as an Educational Medium. Poster presented at AAA/ASHA Annual Conference, 1-3 December, Cairns.

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