Professor Isabel McBryde

Professor Isabel McBryde

Rhys Jones Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Australian Archaeology 2003

Isabel McBryde (16 July 1934-)

Isabel McBryde was born on 16 July 1934 in Fremantle, Western Australia. After completing Honours and Masters degrees in Latin and History at Melbourne University, Isabel departed in 1958 for Cambridge and a Diploma in Prehistoric Archaeology. In 1960 her distinguished career as an archaeologist began in Australia’s first titled position in Prehistory and Ancient History at the University of New England. During this time (1966) Isabel completed her PhD as part of pioneering regional studies in the New England area. In 1974 she was appointed as a senior lecturer in the Department of Prehistory and Anthropology at the Australian National University, culminating in her appointment to the chair of Prehistory in 1986. Retired in 1994, Isabel currently holds Honorary Visiting Fellowships at the Australian National University and the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies.

In addition to her academic contributions, Isabel has been active in a wide range of arenas relating to archaeology and cultural heritage over the last four decades. Significantly, she was a founding member of the Australian Archaeological Association Inc. and served as its first secretary in 1974-1975. Some of the numerous other bodies she has served on include the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (1966-1976; 1995-1996); the National Cultural Heritage Forum (1997-1999); the Board of Management of Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park (1996-2001); the Technical and Scientific Advisory Committee Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area (1994-1998); the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area Consultative Committee NSW (1985-1993); the Aboriginal Education Consultative Committee, Australian National University (1991-1998); Australia ICOMOS (1996-1997); the NSW Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Interim Advisory Committee (1993-1996); the Australian Academy of the Humanities (1981-); Aboriginal Sites Committee (NPWS NSW) (1981-1993); Australian Association of Aboriginal Studies; Aboriginal Relics Advisory Committee (NPWS NSW) (1970-1980); Encyclopaedia Brittanica Australian Advisory Committee (1986-1989); Bruce Hall, Australian National University (1976-1986); the HMAS Ipswich Association (1997-); and the Australian Heritage Commission (1980-1988).

Isabel’s commitment to the understanding of the past as a peopled past, addressing social questions, has informed her wide research interests, combining the fields of archaeology, ethnohistory, historical archaeology and cultural heritage. She has published over 100 books, articles and reports. Among her most significant publications are A Petrological Analysis of Ground-Edge Artefacts from Northern New South Wales (authored jointly with Ray Binns, 1972), Aboriginal Prehistory in New England (1974), Records of Times Past (1978), Coast and Estuary (with contributions by V.M. Campbell, K.H. Lane, K. McQueen and N.A. Wakefield, 1982), Who Owns the Past? (editor, 1985) and Guests of the Governor (1989).

Isabel’s early research in the New England region is still cited as a significant example of the tradition of regional investigations in Australia. That work not only explored important questions of the day, such as the timing of cultural changes, but also defined dietary and foraging changes that have been extensively discussed. Her work in New England was remarkable for its extent and depth, and Isabel’s examination of the interface of archaeology and ethnography in the region shaped not only the approach taken by many later researchers but also prepared the basis for the arguments about upland regions created by archaeologists such as Sandra Bowdler and Luke Godwin. The relationship between economy and social practice was further explored in her research into trade systems and production for trade in Australia. This involved her famous studies of the Mount William axe distribution, but also extended to studies of grindstones and other materials. Her research on the issue of exchange has been influential worldwide and is commonly cited as one of the foundations of modern Palaeolithic exchange theory.

Isabel’s contribution as an educator has been equally influential. First at the University of New England, then at the Australian National University Isabel has taught three generations of archaeologists her thorough and detailed approach to exploring the archaeological record. In many courses Isabel emphasised Aboriginal archaeology, and she supervised dozens of research students studying archaeology in Australia. With some justification it has been said that Isabel’s impact on undergraduates and postgraduates substantially shaped the development of Australian archaeology.

Over several decades Isabel has been a leading figure in developing frameworks of heritage management. She has been involved in long term work with Aboriginal communities and with museum and government committees to facilitate coherent and strong approaches to the conservation of archaeology and Aboriginal heritage.

A former student described Isabel “as a gentle, conservative, modest, thorough, and careful scholar with gravitas and a powerful intellect.” She went on to say that “her voice is never raised in loud contention at seminars and conferences. Her rebuttals of those who disagree with her are so polite as to be, alas, sometimes unnoticed by their target.” Described as ‘a real lady’, she amazed students with her command of social mores and aura of confidence, kindness, calm and cleanliness. Isabel could seemingly spend all day in a dusty trench and step out of it in the evening clean, well groomed, with lippy in place and radiating energy and goodwill.

Few people have created such an enduring legacy for Australian archaeology. She has touched the minds, hearts and actions of virtually the entire Australian archaeological community. She is celebrated by students, Indigenous communities, colleagues and friends.


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