AAA Annual Conference Photographic Competition Prizes


Archaeological Site Image
Fieldwork or Laboratory Work in Progress
Artefact Image
Manipulated or Artistic Image
Just for Fun
Historic Image
2014 Selene Kenady Elena Piotto and Meg Berry Ken Mulvaney Emily Bennett Kate Greenwood Iain Davidson
2013 Wayne Webster Elen Feuerreigel Kane Ditchfield Annette Oertle Robyn Jenkins and Susan Arthure
2012 Ken Mulvaney Claire Ratican Tammy-Lee Purssell Phil Roberts and Deb Holt Mike Bunce
2011 Ken Mulvaney Noel Tan Caroline Spry Jim Stedman Vivienne Brown and Vicky Winton
2010 Jessica Thompson Jo Thredgold Malcolm Ridges Jessica Thompson
2009 winners Ian Moffat Susan Chirgwin Alice Beale Susan Chirgwin
2009 runner-ups Pat Gaynor Eleanor Cooper Louise Holt Vincent Megaw Hugh Watt and Kelly Wiltshire
2004 Matt Schlitz Matt Schlitz Kerrie Grant