Position Name Affiliation Email
President Tiina Manne School of Social Science, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, University of Queensland, St Lucia QLD 4072  president@australianarchaeology.com
Vice President Michael Slack Scarp Archaeology  vicepresident@australianarchaeology.com
Secretary Georgia Roberts Roberts Specialist Heritage Services secretary@australianarchaeology.com
Treasurer Aaron Fogel Griffith University treasurer@australianarchaeology.com
Assistant Treasurer Kate Greenwood Greenwood Consultancy assistanttreasurer@australianarchaeology.com
Membership Secretary Carly Monks University of Western Australia membershipsecretary@australianarchaeology.com
Journal Editor Sean Ulm James Cook University journal@australianarchaeology.com
Journal Editor Annie Ross University of Queensland journal@australianarchaeology.com
Indigenous Officer Jacinta Koolmatrie Migration Museum, History Trust of South Australia indigenousofficer@australianarchaeology.com
Indigenous Officer Ken Hayward indigenousofficer@australianarchaeology.com
Student Officer Clara Santilli Flinders University studentofficer@australianarchaeology.com
Student Officer Anna Weisse studentofficer@australianarchaeology.com
Other Contacts
Public Officer Mirani Litser Australian National University publicofficer@australianarchaeology.com
Webmaster Jordan Ralph Flinders University administrator@australianarchaeology.com
Social Media Officer Elspeth McKenzie  socialmedia@australianarchaeology.com
Social Media Officer Anna Kriej  socialmedia@australianarchaeology.com
State Representatives
Australian Capital Territory Doug Williams act@australianarchaeology.com
New South Wales Morgan Disspain nsw@australianarchaeology.com
Northern Territory Malcolm Connolly Heritage Branch, Northern Territory Government, Alice Springs nt@australianarchaeology.com
Queensland Michelle Langley Griffith University qld@australianarchaeology.com
South Australia Boone Law The University of Adelaide sa@australianarchaeology.com
Tasmania Anne McConnell  GPO Box 234, Hobart, Tas, 7001 tas@australianarchaeology.com
Victoria Oona Nicolson Ecology and Heritage Partners vic@australianarchaeology.com
Western Australia Joe Dortch wa@australianarchaeology.com

A list of the past Office Bearers can be viewed here.