There are places still remaining in the AACAI Human Skeletal Remains Workshop.  The one day workshop will be held over three consecutive days – 5, 6 and 7 June in the Ironing Room, Abbotsford Convent (see

The workshop will cover an understanding of (1) Aboriginal mortuary practices (2) chief features in differentiating human from faunal remains (3) key identifying features of human fragmentary remains and (4) an appreciation of the limitations of ‘lay-person’ identification of human remains (skeletal variability by age at death). A detailed programme for the workshop is available for download as a pdf via this link: AACAI Human Skeletal Remains Workshop Program.

The rate for the workshop is $350 per person; this includes expert tutelage and morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Please follow the link below to secure your place in one of the three workshops as there is strictly a limited number of places for each day.

AACAI Human Skeletal Remains Workshop

If you have any queries about this workshop, please contact Kasey Robb,