The Editors of Australian Archaeology, along with the Editorial Committee and Editorial Advisory Board are very excited to announce that, from  volume 79 onwards, we will be publishing material in an ‘online first’ capacity. This means that once items for the journal have been page set and approved by authors, they will be published on our website. Members can log in to access the paper via the members only part of the AAA website and download the full paper, otherwise the abstract is available for anyone to read online; likewise, Appendices (when present) can be downloaded by anyone. Thesis abstracts, obituaries and book reviews will also remain freely available to anyone.

The first of our articles to be given the ‘online treatment’ is by Mick Morrison, entitled ‘Chronological trends in late Holocene shell mound construction across northern Australia: Insights from Albatross Bay, Cape York Peninsula‘.

There will be more to follow in coming days, so we hope you enjoy these early insights into what’s headed your way in the journal!

The Editors