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Stone artefacts have fascinated archaeologists for centuries.

Our latest blog post features recent research on them.


Footsteps of our Ancestors.

Read about new research into Australia’s very own ancient footprint site here.


Australia’s Industrious Convicts.

Learn  more about Australia’s iconic historic sites here.


Community-directed archaeological research in Arnhem Land. Learn how Australian archaeology moved away from its ‘cowboy’ roots.

Lithics Down Under 2.0

torrence-thumbnail3Written by Jacqueline Matthews.

Based on three recent articles published in Australian Archaeology volume 77: ‘Can use-wear be used to identify tuber processing

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Call for Sessions AAA/ASHA 2014 Conference

SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT: CALL FOR SESSIONSAAA_ASHA-Banner-(final)-(low-resolution)-thumbnail

AAA/ASHA 2014 Joint Conference

Culture, Climate, Change: Archaeology in the Tropics

1–3 December 2014,Cairns, Queensland

The joint AAA/ASHA2014 conference …

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Investigating the Footprints of the Ancestors

Kelsey-Lowe-IMG_5391_Caption-thumbnailBy Michelle C. Langley. Based on Westaway et al. (2013) The Willandra Fossil Trackway: Assessment of ground penetrating radar survey results and

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